We develop integrated digital ecosystems to enable interactions between people, devices, and corporations, generating collective intelligence.


To become the new secure
communications standard worldwide.

The Nouvenn Connectivity Engine

Solutions to connect infrastructures, networks, platforms and devices.

Maximize a performance do seu negócio. Esteja sempre alerta.
Diagnostique falhas e otimize a qualidade de experiência para os usuários.

Support multiple technologies with the same infrastructure, unify different communication network protocols, and install new features as required.


Transform legacy networks into future-proof infrastructures, set performance levels for each application, and program the network behavior to optimize the user experience.


Integrate different networks and protocols without complexity, enable the communication of different devices and applications, automate network configurations to meet the requirements of each solution.

Smart Public Lighting

Connect to the future and create smarter cities using our public lighting infrastructure.
Integrate different technologies and simplify networks deployment.


• Allows rules and events programming
• Flexible and multi protocol radio
• Collect data from up to 9 sensors
• 7 pin NEMA socket


• Enable wireless sensor networks
• Support for multiple protocols
• Enable network intelligence creation
•Provide secure end-to-end communication

Network Controller and
Digital Security Agent

• Reduce operating costs
• Multiprotocol networks automation
• Different policies for each application
• Consolidate the management of
multiple networks

Find out how we can optimize your operation and create additional revenue streams.



 Plan your modernization with the flexibility to adapt networks to meet different requirements of each solution.
Update the infrastructure by software, add features and optimize operational returns.

Smart Meter Network
Interface Card

• Support multiple protocols such as IEEE 802.15.4 g/e, BLE and LPWAN, on a single radio
• Remotely select the data collection technology accordingly to the availability of network infrastructure in each region


• Enable wireless sensor networks
• Enable network intelligence creation
• Create new asset interaction models
• Analyze network and device
performance in real time

Data collection and Digital Security Agent

• Install rules to optimize network usage and
devices and systems integration
• Unify advanced networks and legacy systems
• Manage device lifecycle

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